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Succulent Wedding Theme : Inspiration

Hi Everyone 

I am hope you are enjoying the sunshine, well that's if you live in the UK, rare occurrence for us! 

Today's blog is actually one of my favourites themes, it's focused on bringing you inspiration:  
Drum roll.......Succulent Wedding Theme. 

Those beautiful plants were not just created to sit in a plant pot, they belong in your wedding!  Yes, that's right they have a place in weddings, they were grown to shine.

Tips For Cleaning Your Jewellery

Hi All 

This week's blog:- tips for cleaning your jewellery, I am only covering sterling silver, gold and plated materials as this is what is sold at Wild Fig Gifts and I have tested personally.  

Has the glisten worn off your favourite piece of jewellery, is it looking dull? has it been turfed out and binned or laying helplessly at the bottom of your jewellery box crying out to be saved? Well do not despair those dull lifeless pieces can be bought back to life by some scrubbing and some magical products.

Fathers Day Gift Guide Part One - New Range!

Hi All

I will be doing a series of Father's Day blog posts over the coming weeks, I just had to share this new range with you..too excited to wait any longer.